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When BOK Repair was founded in 2015, I set out to provide the finest implement repair services in the Fort Atkinson area. I have knowledge of many older models of tractors and know ways to fix them when others are unable. No matter the age or make of your equipment, I know just what to do to get you back in the field or on the farm.

At BOK Repair, you can be sure you’re leaving your equipment with the best.

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1" Width Sprag bearings are IN STOCK NOW!!

We will be stocking drop-in replacements for the discontinued OEM Implement Sprag. Made in Germany, Stocked in Wisconsin.

These sprag bearings are able to fit the Minneapolis-Moline.

Even better, they have 1.5 to 2 times the torque of the obsolete OEM Sprag and there is NO RPM Limit.

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